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Home Improvements That Will Help Sell Your House

If you would like to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, there are some lesser known words that match the importance of the famous real estate phrase "location, location, location." Those important words are "Curb Appeal".

The saying - you don't get a second chance to make a first impression is important. When people drive up to your house, you want them to immediately think - this home has been well maintained and cared for.

Curb appeal gets buyers through the front door, but sellers need to take other steps. The strategy can vary of course by neighborhood and market conditions but there are ways to make your house appeal to the maximum number of buyers.

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Munoz & Sons Construction, 1224 Lavanham Ct, Apopka FL Contact Info    
Raya Construction, 519 Conure St, Apopka FL Contact Info    
Aaa Finished Concrete, 658 Ne 6th Ct, Boynton Beach FL Contact Info    
Cerny Of South Florida, 20 Baytree Cir, Boynton Beach FL Contact Info    
Pro Form And Steel, 946 Nw 10th St, Boynton Beach FL Contact Info    
Art Earl Enterprises, 7124 84th Street Ct E, Bradenton FL Contact Info    
K-tec, 4065 Carlton Inlet Dr Apt A, Bradenton FL Contact Info    
Raymond Lester Construction, 5486 California St, Brooksville FL Contact Info    
Fleming Excavating, 735 Johnson Lake Rd, De Leon Springs FL Contact Info    
Jeff Stevens Construction, 2980 Bedford St, Deltona FL Contact Info    
A & D Subcontracting, 2820 Sw 5th Ct, Fort Lauderdale FL Contact Info    
Mike Cross, 691 Sw 30th Ter, Fort Lauderdale FL Contact Info    
Best L D S Of Coast, 10430 Angus Ln, Fort Myers FL Contact Info    
Jax Dirtworks, 334 Peregrine Ct, Jacksonville FL Contact Info    
Mg Pools, 11361 Sandy Run Rd, Jupiter FL Contact Info    
Wallace Buckeye Excavating, 1880 Starkey Rd, Largo FL Contact Info    
Gunite Work, 1916 Deerview Pl, Longwood FL Contact Info    
Seminole Enterprises, 1151 Scenic Point Rd, Longwood FL Contact Info    
Steven Lattman Construction Company, 3070 Michigan St, Melbourne FL Contact Info    
Ken Crickon Concrete & Steel, 118 Delvalle St, Melbourne Beach FL Contact Info    
Dfs Pools, 3144 Pine Tree Dr, Naples FL Contact Info    
Icon Building, 3475 Golden Gate Blvd W, Naples FL Contact Info    
Luciano Pool Shells, 3500 25th Ave Sw, Naples FL Contact Info    
V Y P Framing, 4570 8th Ave Ne, Naples FL Contact Info    
Mike Larsons, 8918 Linebrook Dr, New Port Richey FL Contact Info    
Waynes Excavation, 3782 Watermelon Ln, New Smyrna Beach FL Contact Info    
Kw, Po Box 1874, Nokomis FL Contact Info    
James Larrabee Construction, 873 Tejon Ave Sw, Palm Bay FL Contact Info    
Kris' Pools, 8861 69th St N, Pinellas Park FL Contact Info    
Ron Carter Plastering, 16249 Ashland Ave, Port Charlotte FL Contact Info    
West Coast Track-hoe Service, 189 Rowland Dr, Port Charlotte FL Contact Info    
Litwiler Services, 2509 Sw Galiano Rd, Port Saint Lucie FL Contact Info    
Quality Subcontracting Of South Florida, 357 Sw Dwight Ave, Port Saint Lucie FL Contact Info    
Steves Services, 415 15th St, Saint Augustine FL Contact Info    
Top Of The Line, 3117 Mcintosh Rd, Sarasota FL Contact Info    
Lawrence J Walling Construction Services, 114 Central Rd Apt 24, Satellite Beach Contact Info    
Classic Design Pools, 6434 Eden Ln, Tampa FL Contact Info    
John B Harrison, 605 S Oregon Ave, Tampa FL Contact Info    
Kjb Resources, 8430 Sevilla Ct Apt 101a, Tampa FL Contact Info    
Blue Diamond Pools Of Palm Beach, 173 Sulky Way, West Palm Beach FL Contact Info    
Dc Excavating, 16140 Alderman Turner Rd, Wimauma FL Contact Info    
Seminole Enterprises, 265 E Bahama Rd, Winter Springs FL Contact Info    
Seminole Excavation & Supply, 145 E Bahama Rd, Winter Springs FL Contact Info    
Details found: 43

When making improvements to sell your home, you don't want to spend money that you won't get back. If there are house flippers in your neighborhood, check out what they have done with the homes. Compare the sales prices of homes with older kitchens to homes with updated kitchens. If you see about a $50,000 difference, then a $25,000 remodel is probably a good investment. If homes with older kitchens are still getting around the same price as those with renovated ones, then save your money. Sometimes, is just depends on how hot the market is.

Since every dollar counts, hold off on pet projects and only devote your time and money to renovations that'll bring you a return. If you’re looking to sell, do not do the improvements that you’ve always wanted to do. If, like most sellers, you have a limited budget, here are many home improvements you can make to sell your house for top dollar.

Improve your landscape: Put down fresh sod, re-mulch, replace old bushes with new ones and add some color, either with flower beds or potted flowers. Even just a little bit goes a long way.

Spruce up your entranceway: Buy a new front door or paint the old one. If your house number and mailbox look worn, buy and install new ones.

Change light fixtures and plumbing fixtures: Gold light fixtures are long outdated, and brass is less popular than brushed nickel. Replacing outdated ceiling fixtures and bathroom faucets can give your home a more modern touch for a minimal amount of money.

Define any spaces that may confuse buyers: If you have an odd alcove, add a desk or a dresser – something that will suggest how the space could be used. Many homes have some funky or dysfunctional things that can be easily corrected. Don’t keep buyers guessing.

Do some partial renovations: Rather than gutting an old bathroom, for example, consider refacing the existing tub, getting a new vanity and mirror. In the kitchen, keep the old cabinets but replace the countertops and the hardware.

Remove window treatments, unless they are current and high end: That cuts the risk of turning off would be buyers who don’t share your taste. Uncovered windows also let more light into the rooms. You can never outguess buyers on window coverings. Once you’ve got a contract, you can always offer buyers the ones you took down.

Return rooms to their original uses: If you’re using your dining room as an office, turn it back into a dining room. If your third bedroom is an office, turn it back into a bedroom. You can, however, display a photo of the room’s other potential use.

Replace dirty or worn carpet: You might try cleaning it first, but dirty carpet is always a turnoff for buyers. In some markets, you’re better off removing the carpet if there are hardwood floors underneath.

Depersonalize: That means packing away family photos and taking the children’s drawings (and everything else) off the refrigerator. You want a new family to envision themselves living in the home.

Clean thoroughly: Do a deep cleaning before you put your home on the market so everything shines. Be sure to wash the windows.

Paint: Your daughter may love her purple room, but a prospective buyer probably won’t. Repaint all rooms in neutral colors. A fresh coat of paint also makes the house look newer and more modern.