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Date: 5/31/2016
Subject: Ask a question
HOA Name: Lake Fantasia HOA
City: Riverview
Address: 8606 Fantasia Park Way, Riverview, FL 33578
Your City: Riverview
State: FL
Zip: 33578
Address Hoa: Yes
Phone: 813-495-6446
Cell: same
First Name: Richard Spinelli
Message: Rec. letter re lake repair today. I was told the drains were clogged... but now aren't. We've had some significant rains since then and the lake water level is at a very...reasonable... height...as I've been @ F.L. for over "7" years. So what's the real $85,000. problem. At the height of the previous drainage problem...I had approx. 4' till the water would come near my deck... It's now more than 8' away from my deck. So what's the problem... Why do we learn of this only after the fact and not before. Either / Or... I don't see why our lake level needs to be lower than it presently is. RS